Friday, May 25, 2012

how to use a demo forex brokers

forex brokers , you know that the march of currency exchange is very risky, I have always advised anyone beginning to create a demo account on forex brokers, before start trading with real money.

This will help you better understand the functionally forex brokers and trading platform.
Any advice that will be useful to research and create a demo account.

Forex brokers:

You must identify a broker that offers a demo account service, here are 10 best forex brokers or makes an online search on your search engine.

You must choose a broker that offers features that you like before you join.
This way you can see how the broker makes the demonstration environment before choosing to put your money on the forex broker services.

Open a demo account forex brokers:

Go to the website of the broker you choose to open a demo account, this link is usually provided on the home page on the site.

Tuck the registration form provided on the registration page demo.

Use a valid email address to receive a dealer to validate your account, you must also provide a phone number so you can call the broker.

You should expect the registration information by email or phone, which is usually immediate.

Connect your demo account:
Login to the site or software forex brokers, using your username and password you provide during your registration.

One last thing to better learn how to use the trading platform you advice I made research online or use a forum related to your trading platform.

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