Sunday, June 3, 2012

best forex brokers - Now you can have 4 forex brokers for dummies

 The market for currency exchange is the largest market in my world, every day more than 1.8 billion.
If you read this post it means that you said you and pick you be starting a broker.
In this post I will create a list of the best forex brokers that every beginner should know, if he want to make money.
I also advice you to consult the best forex brokers in 2012.
I present four superb for beginners forex brokers:

1. FXCM:

This superb broker you can create a demo account that allow you to have ideas of how the train platform function. Fxcm helps new operators.
 This broker has potions on their site, which is dedicated to education and helps new operators.
 The company also offers seminars, courses, malls, theaters and live trading access to their forum to discuss to learn more experienced operators.

 2. GFT:
GFT offers free guide on forex trading and also get a 5% bonus on initial deposit when opening a new business account.
 It offers video and webinars introducing the operator at forex trading and walk across the platform dealbook360. 
You also offer an exchange PDF is intended to anyone, even if you have one account on GFT. With this manual you will learn the basics of forex trading.

3. alpari:
This dealer is great for new traders beginner to start learning about the forex market. 
Other good point that broker glossaries, economic calendar, and video tutorials.
 Alpari Academy offers tools industry leaders, analysis and commentary on the march.

 4. eToro :
Etoro is my broker that I use for almost 2 years and also a great broker for beginners. 
Etoro disposed of a very friendly staff that helps their traders with any questions.
 EToro is for the best forex brokers for new operators The eToro platform is the most friendly interface and easy to use.
Now it's up to you to decide which of these 4 broker you want to use to make your first step in the march of currency exchange.
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