Monday, June 18, 2012

Forex trading - see how easy you can trade forex with the big banks

TODAY I will share the ways of trading in Forex with big banks.
Forex trading is the largest market worldwide, three of negotiation USD billions per day (
one thing you should know before starting, Currenex has been voted by Global Finance as the best systems of negotiation of the bank fx.
he trade within this network, all we do is open an account with a company or its forex trades are routed to Currenex. also read my post on the top 10  forex brokers in 2012.
to start visit to wew forex company networks that use the Currenex. search white label partner and apply for an account which negotiates directly within the network Currenex, or even with him.
choose a forex broker by evaluating their product platform and examine their strutctures demonstration of the commission. Forex brokers offer different palteformes.
some mapping software offers more robust than others, and the appearance of their quote and order entry systems can anaging prev.

 basically you get what you pay, the broker with low commisions tend to have low-end platforms.
Check minimums for account and credit your account accordingly use the pletforme trading place orders within the network intrabank.


  1. Forex will be (and in some countries already is) one of the biggest and profitable markets. It is really a good to see how it evolves.


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  2. Thanks for article! What do you think of this list = ?

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